Structures Built

  • Kansas Veterans Family Reunion ( This project was a custom designed web site, built as a replacement for a confusing Joomla built site. I am in charge of updating content, standard site maintenance, and coding new features as they are requested.

Structures Built with Cjk Consulting

  • Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts ( This was a team development project, in which I worked with a graphic artist and copywriter. Code work for this site included; the creation of a SQL Parts database, functionality for the creation and updating of Parts, JavaScript functions for image loading, the creation of a photo gallery, and AJAX functions to show new parts and monthly specials.

  • Cjk Software Consultants ( In this project I was in charge of cleaning up CMS content, that had become muddled through multiple overwrites of the HTML. And I also updated the coding for the contact form, to use the latest methods and classes.

  • DPA Associates, Inc. ( On this project, I have done CMS cleanup, CSS fixes, HTML repairs, and content updates.

  • PCS - Project Control Services ( This client was in need of a web site. I teamed up with a Graphic Artist to build this static HTML site.

  • Teach Kids to Fish for Life ( For this web site, the client needed to have some videos embedded into the site.